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Destination development – Golf World

Group 10: Pia, Julien, Don and Emil. Photo: Private

Written by: Pia-Roxanna Römmer, Nopphadol Kuphimai Olsen, Emil Hammerbekk Pedersen, Julien Tangui Nicolas Russier. Destination development group 10, autumn 2019, University of South-Eastern Norway, campus Bø.

Golf World

We are a group of 4 people from 4 different countries. We chose to work with Norsjø Golf because we all like sports and think that golf is fun.

Norsjø golf is one of Scandinavia’s best golf tracks, in 2017 it was voted the best golf track in Scandinavia. In 2018 it was voted the third best golf track. In 2019 it was voted as Telemarks best golf track. We came up with an idea of adding VR golf in the existing Norsjø golf. This is something Nome has never seen before, a golf park you can visit whenever you want, even in the winter. What if Norsjø golf decided to make something really big, that will attract tourists from all around the world to come and visit Norsjø golf.

Norsjø golf park has several partners, such as Bø Hotell, Aarnes Kafeteria, Esso Ulefoss and Sport 1 Ulefoss. Together they can provide new special offers for the golf customers. For example, a package with lunch at the cafeteria and a night at the hotel.
What can Nome municipality do to attract more tourists? Nome has been struggling a lot with tourists, there are only a few people that goes there, and most of the tourists just pass by in the canals. What can we do to encourage them to stay longer in Nome?

We suggest a building with new indoor golf area located at Norsjø golf park, as seen in the picture below. A building that allows you to bring your whole family on a golf session. It will be a golf track with several options, an option for the adults and an option for the kids with three mains points. 

Our golf building will have a VR golf game for children, with 3 unique locations, in Fantasy, Prehistoric and Sci-fi.
It will have a small indoor Mini golf park, with 10-12 holes. Children can play the VR game before a real minigolf with their family. It’s perfect in order to learn golf basics and have fun. Children can really love this new experience.
Next, it will be an indoor golf game. The Indoor Golf simulator is a “Ready to Play” software. In VR golf you can play on whatever field you want, even if its 1000 miles away.
Maybe we can contact Golf Simulator’s companies and ask for a possible customization. We can include Telemark’s landscapes and in that way, we can feel Telemark’s DNA in the game.

Pictures below explain our plan. As we can see, there is a lot of space for parking. At the first floor, it will be all golf activities. Upstairs, we put our cafeteria where customers can sit inside and outside. During your lunch, you can be able to enjoy the Norwegian weather and its landscape. The kitchen is upstairs in the right corner. 

Norsjø Golfpark wants to become a leading golf park in their business. They will be at the center of all decisions and negotiations. Norsjø Golfpark has to set up a plan with all other stakeholders. 

From a regional point of view, the county and Midt Telemark can do a lot of marketing of this new innovative destination. Then, Nome municipality can help to find a building to create these new activities. Nome municipality can make special discounts or initiatives to promote the Golfpark. Nome must involve local communities to the Golfworld Project, together with Norsjø Golfpark. 

Residents, as well as tourists are potential customers of our project. Both the locals and tourists are very important for us because they will be our main customers, the locals might invite their relatives to join them in a golfing session.

Their relations towards the tourists can be positive if Norsjø Golfpark works well with other stakeholders.  After sharing facilities and activities, they can help tourists by giving them information and a strong welcome. Next, publishing internet content and reviews can be a positive point for Norsjø Golfpark in order to be more visible. Making locals participate at the beginning of the project can lead to multiple positive points

Norsjø Golfpark has to propose initiatives to promote this project. With the Nome municipality, they can organize a free event open for everyone for trying all types of golf. Similarly, Norsjø Golfpark can set up free visits for schools once a semester. In fact, the success of these proposals would achieve the following objective: to obtain the support of the local community. We want Nome Kommune to make special discounts or initiatives to promote the Golfpark.

With TaylorMade and other golf brands Norsjø Golfpark can think about a new small sales area located in the future building. Customer can find specialized golf stuffs here. 

Also, Norsjø Golfpark has several partners such as Bø Hotell, Aarnes Kafeteria, Esso Ulefoss and Sport 1 Ulefoss. It is necessary to inform and communicate through marketing and special innovative offers. Indeed together, they can propose new special offers for golf customers. For example, a package with a lunch at the cafeteria and a night at the hotel. Another example can be discount from Sport 1 Ulefoss, so members of The Norsjø golf club can get discounts on golfing equipment.

Norsjø Golfpark could try to set up a new type of indoor golf tournaments with Porsgrunn Golfpark and other golf parks. Other tournaments exist in the golf field, so it seems to be a good idea to extend these possibilities. 

Norsjø golf park will sell merch, like small metal figures which could be made in the iron factory, which could be sold in Norsjø Golfpark merch store, Ulefoss county house, as well as many other places. They should also look into cooperating with Villa Lunde, maybe the painter can paint some postcards, which could be sold at the same places. The merch store will also sell different memberships, drop-in, events and a lot more.

We hope to see you at Norsjø Golf soon!

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