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Breakfast and business

Project Manager Marit Svalastog informs representatives from different businesses in Central Telemark about the CUPIDO project. All photos: Maren Sandbakk

In the KRAFT project in Nome we work, among other things, to link companies together, because we know that collaboration between different actors can lead to completely new ideas and products, and that through collaboration we can strengthen each other. The project will look at culture and heritage as a driving force for increased business development, but that does not mean that other companies have nothing to contribute. So-called hard industries (IT, technology etc.) have a completely different view of culture and can contribute with technology into the cultural industry.

Lill and Odd Wollberg from Lerkekåsa vineyard in Gvarv tell about their work.

Therefore, it was important for us in KRAFT to inform about the project at a breakfast meeting for businesses at Aarnes cafeteria, arranged by Midt-Telemark Business Development (MTNU), where we could reach several different players in Nome and the surrounding area. We asked the question “can small, sustainable cultural companies attract young people?” and we asked for input on how we can work together on this.

Business development, more migrants and an attractive place to live and work are several sides of the same issue. Attracting people to live and work in Nome requires a good reputation. That’s why we also took the opportunity to come up with a call to action: Talk nicely to each other! Raise each other, tell customers where to find other great services in Nome and brag about each other. #togetherforNome

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