Destination development

The digital destination: Nome

Coming up with the project, the goal was to lean into the current global trend in which cities are being used as a means of attracting both expertise and social opportunities. Like many other places across the world where similar projects have been adopted, Nome is faced with an aging population in which young people leave their places of birth and go to urban areas for work or education. The proposed project will be aimed at redesigning the rural areas in Nome to become more appealing to young people from the area as well as the rest o the world.

Although the cultural projects that have already been implemented are appealing to people from different walks of life, implementing a digital destination is bound to enhance the overall appeal of Nome and its KRAFT project. Young people are typically discouraged from staying in the countryside if comforts associated with urban life like internet connectivity are unavailable. As young people are already familiar with the benefits of technology in enhancing day-to-day life activities, the digital destination will be a welcome relief for young people from Nome and the rest of the world because the project will be targeted towards addressing their specific needs. The combined trend of people being ready to move on to new places and the interest in reversing the rural-urban migration among the youth should increase the chances of the digital destination program working seamlessly.

The digital destination project should be highly beneficial for the residents of Nome, as it will support the existing KRAFT project whose purpose is to use culture and cultural heritage as resources for work, profit, and belonging. By increasing the level of connectivity of the Nome municipality, the area will become even more attractive to cultural tourists who want to visit in order to learn or be entertained. The project will rejuvenate the area whose population has been reducing and getting older as young people move to urban areas for school or in search of employment. Introducing internet connectivity and other digital technology tools will attract new businesses that will take advantage of the existing cultural environment in Nome as a means of appealing to tourists from all over the world.

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