Destination development

Nome: «The future is the past”

Our idea is simple, at least in theory. We want to offer people an experience where they can go to Nome and experience the past. We want to use modern VR and AR technology to let people see some of the historic happenings as well as everyday life in Nome in the past. We want to take people on a journey where they can see the Telemark canal being built, see Ulefoss Hovedgaard being used and some of the thigs that went on there, and of course Ulefoss jernverk.

We want design a VR experience where we take you on a journey through the different historic places in Nome. As a part of the experience, you will be given a fake hammer and other tools that simulates the work environment in the role as a worker in the iron foundry. Or as a captain on one of the boats that go through the Telemark canal. This will, combined with a custom designed video environment, be the concept we want to create in Nome.

With AR technology we want to customize an app that gives you information on various locations in Nome. The app will give you information about the location straight to your cellphone. We believe that we can help develop Nome as a destination with our idea. The fact that no one is offering VR or AR experiences in Nome, makes us believe in our idea, even more. Teamed up with the right partners and investors, we think our idea has potential. The biggest challenge is the cost of developing the custom-made VR and AR experience.

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