Destination development

Nome smart hotel

The idea that we have come up with is a hotel called Nome Smart hotel. We’re in a situation right now that is affected by Covid 19. We wanted to create a hotel that is based on digitalism. So we’re thinking of a self-catering hotel, where you will check in yourself and check out yourself, less contact with people and an easier way to check in and out.

On the website we want to show people the full room and to get a full experience we’re thinking that you can see your hotel room through VR. VR is a new way and experience to see your hotel room in full size.

We want this hotel to be as digital as possible, therefore we want to create an app where you can order room service. Not only room service, but also if there’s anything you need or help from the staff. There will of course be staff working there if the guests need any help. Other things that are going to be on the app is tourist information, so it’s easier for our guests to see what Nome has to offer for tourists.

There will also be QR codes on the minibar so you can pay with your phone. It’s much easier and more effective for both staff and guests. QR codes have been used a lot since Covid 19 came, and it seems really smart and a good thing to have during Covid 19.

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