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Nome GO

“Nome Go!” is the title of our distinguished business venture. By taking advantage of technology and the digitization of products or services, you are able to be innovative. For the local community, this means bringing them new ways to experience technology and its benefits.

Nome Go! Will be in charge of developing electric scooters. These scooters will be implemented as a way of small transportation options within the municipality of Nome. It will also serve as an option for tourists to rent one of these scooters to get around. In order for us to distribute these scooters in Nome, we need to partner up with another company.

We will also be incorporating an online service, allowing customers/tourists to be able to find where the nearest scooter is based on mapping technology. A GPS tracker is stuck to the scooter on the inside, for security reasons. There will be a built scooter parking stand, where most of the scooters will probably end up. Although there are some buying participants that will park the scooters near their home. All of this is something worthy of serious security emplacement with the tracker, but also a working staff. The staff would be moderating the scooters locations through GPS coordinates technology. For Nome it is important to begin the work of establishing ourselves as technological innovators.

The municipality will develop an app for iOS and Android for the tracking of these scooters. The app will be primarily free, but fees may have to be sent out if the person renting the scooter damages it. To be able to make money on the idea, it will cost a little to rent the scooters. Records would show bank information about who used the scooter last. This strategy would force customers to try and park the scooter in the different parking spots. Through such a process, we are able to make an additional line of revenue stream.

Our product services will include QR trackers, in order to pay for scooter time as well as opening the app. QR coding utilization in business is a good way to develop exceptional service. Thereby, the tourists and local residents are put in the center of the overall service experience. Technology is constantly expanding, and by taking advantage of it, one can reap the benefits tremendously in terms of the business perspective.

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