Destination development

Nome camping

My idea is the use of VR in camping places, so people can discover places and things that happened in the area. Historically events that happened there can be watched, making it more interesting experience. and historically event that happened in ever place in Norway like WW2, or the Viking times, there is something called, The Viking Planet resurrects

You can see the Viking times with VR-technology, you can learn about the Vikings and experience how they lived. I think that will make a lot of people more interested in camping if they can experience that, a lot of my friends don’t like the idea of camping, but when I asked them if they had a VR and they can watch different staff  will they change their mind and 80% said yes to the idea.

Due to the growth of technology, having a more technological variable. Will make so that it resonates and lures inn the younger generation that has grown up with having iPad and pcs. generation z usually do not like camping but if there was a technology there that interests them, they will be more eager to go with their family or with their friends, but for now they think camping is for elderly people and a lot a lot of them don’t have any interest in it. So, by mixing VR with camping places there will be more younger people who will get more interested in camping and to do camping activity activities.

And due to the corona virus not everyone can go out to camp. So having the feel of camping at home with VR as well may be able to bring in more income. You can see for example Zoom; it was not as popular as it became when the pandemic happened. But during the pandemic its economy bloomed. The tough of being able to enjoy camping at home without leaving your door. Would attract may people who didn’t even go camping pre-pandemic. And afforces the program in the VR will cost money as to earn the are money.

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