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Nature`s click & collect

The apps main purpose is to connect people with the beautiful Nome fauna, this has been made possible via the app. The focus lies on seasons, and what produce you find in the particular season. We want people to be able to connect with nature again, butvia a safe tool – your phone. When you open the app the first thing that you´ll see is a guide to the seasons produce, the app will give you a choice of which berry, mushroom etc, you can find. On the map it will show what previous people who used the app found, and most importantly where they found it. Once you know where to find the produce, you can click on a link to find an instructional video – where you will learn about the specific berry, mushroom etc. By using AR-technology, you are certain that you did not pick up the wrong berries or mushrooms (poisonous). When you are done picking, and you get home with all your delicious produce you can open the app again – and find hundreds of good recipes with the newly picked produce. 

We came up with the idea during the corona pandemic, because of the need of gettingout and at the same time wanting to save money on groceries. Also getting out during quarantine and spending time with loved ones are very important. By combining technology with the outdoors we created a concept that would change the way we think and act – by taking us back to the “hunter-gatherer” community. This also leads to a lesser carbon footprint by not buying all your groceries at the store – as well as a feeling of pride and joy of finding your own food.

Our target group and the tourists we want to attract for this app will be young adults/adults and a little older, with an interest in these trends. First of all, they need to be interested in nature, food, and the culture, and also have an open mind towards using an app for help as well as AR. The important part is that the target group is large enough to make a profit, which we believe it is.

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