Destination development

AR in Telemarkskanalen

Our idea is to use Augmented Reality in Telemarkskanalen to show old history from the times when the canal was used for lumber transportation and to prevent floods. 

We intend to show via Augmented Reality how Telemarkskanalen was during the late 1800-1900’s when the canal was used to transport goods, people and logging. The roads here in Telemark were nearly impassable and therefore Telemarkskanalen was used for this. Before the canal was built, the logging was a risk to perform, because it happened that lumber was destroyed and if the lumber was stuck in the waterfalls it might happen that people died when they tried to move it. After the canal was built the logging went much easier and less risky. We intend to show via Augmented Reality how the canal was used to logging. 

The way we intend to do this is to get some old pictures from the canal as sources and then use them in AR. Another possible way to do it is again to get some old pictures and then show them in AR with a description besides it.

By giving a new flame to an old attraction gives Nome the possibility to gain more tourists and raise more awareness and involvement around Nome and their attractions. This product can also take you back in time, and make it possible to see how it was in Nome and telemarkskanalen back in the 1800s, where they were big and important lumber transporters. This product can be used as an innovative way to teach young students about their ancestors as well as it can give the elderly people a way to travel a bit back in time, maybe give them an emotional vision of the place they grew up or maybe have some connections to. 

Illustration image.

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