Destination development

AR in Nome`s industrial age

We have chosen Nome as our destination. The reason we chose Nome is because it offers historic value, has resources that will help us integrate our idea, and AR/VR has already been introduced as an attraction so there is an existing market.

Our concept is to use AR to give visitors and inhabitants an artificial trip of Nome back into the industrial age. By using AR we can place old buildings and points of interest where they used to be. For example, placing an old blacksmith on top of some ruins. 

They will be guided through the AR experience by a tour guide, but still be able to roam freely and explore Nome as it was in earlier years. The thought is to focus on Ulefoss, since it has the possibility to combine the AR tour with the ferry trip that goes through a canal, and Ulefoss offers a lot of historic value, as it is one of the oldest industrial societies in Norway.

The tour offers one AR experience for adults which is more educational and less “noise”, while the other experience is for the younger participants, which has more games and entertainment but still offers educational information. For both experiences there could be a game where the participant needs to locate certain landmarks, buildings or points of interest, and the user that gathers the most points is the “winner” of the tour, and as a reward the winner could receive discount coupons or a free item. 

Illustration image.

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